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Seiki Innovations Vietnam Limited Company is a developed industrial supply manufacturer with the collaboration of Japanese and Vietnamese experts in the metal supply industry. The manufacturer is located in Dai Dong - Hoan Son IP, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam. Our clients will enjoy the full benefit of our products in many different industries such as machinery, medical, electronic and food production, etc.

We provide the designing concept  and production of desired sheet metal, constructional steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and non-ferrous materials.

Idea to a Completed product

Idea - Design - Engineering - Manufacturing - Coating - Assembly

The engineer team is ready to help you develop new products. We provide assistance from the  early stage. With our expertise we can turn your ideas into possibilities from starting to completing.


The facilities are equipped with the most modern technologies from the leading Japanese brands such  as Amada Turret Punching machine PEGA 357, Komatsu Fine Plasma, Amada CNC Press Brake machine, Mori Seiki CNC machine, Okuma CNC Milling machines, Panasonic MIG/TIG/TAG welding machines, Mitutoyo measuring instruments.


All manufacturing  processes and final quality checks are met by the ISO 9001:2015 by ISC - Australian standard.

Our experienced engineers and technicians will surely provide solutions to satisfy your quality requirements. Not only we provide quality products ,we also provide competitive pricing to keep our client’s cost down to minimum.

Price and services

We provide a variety of products from sheet metal to constructional steel. We accept all orders from large quantity to small quantity with consistency of great quality and services.

We are located in an essential area with convenient ground and sea transportation, human resource is also in abundant which allows us to keep our product at low cost for our clients.

Our motto is "Global Quality with Local Price”.
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